Manage your database of influencers the simplest way possible

The Youzz Influencer Management Solution helps you and your team to organize, analyze, collaborate and evaluate the relation with your network of influencers, either they are Digital Influencers, bloggers or journalists. That way, you can concentrate on the things that really matter - improving the efficiency of the relationship with them.

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Key Features

Centralized Information

No more excel files or sharing outdated information with your team members. Now, everything is simple and in one place, and you can access it at all times.

You own the database

Keep ownership of your influencers database.
Export all the data you need with a simple click on a button.

Work as a team

You can have as many team members you want working (internal or external) - no user limitation!

Detailed profiles and easy to manage

Create a powerful network with detailed profiles. Create your own categories and tags. Add social media information and the necessary notes.

GDPR compliance

We will help you to be fully compliant with the GDPR regulation. Non consent influencers will be left out and you will no longer have access to his/her personal data.

Easy selection

Target the right Influencers from all available filter possibilities: demographics, social media reach, tags and many other specific filters.

Simple Communication

We have built in two simple tools to communicate with your database - by email or by WhatsApp. You can also keep track of their actions.

Create your projects and track each influencer performance

Create and manage all projects for your brands or clients. Select the right influencers, engage with them and track all their posts and results on all major social networks.

Add influencers to your database

Start by uploading your database file with all the information. Add any Influencer, all the relevant information including their Social Media Channels and its reach size. And don’t worry: we will also make sure that their Instagram and Twitter accounts remain automatically updated (reach) without you to have to spend hours doing that manually, every week.

Categorize, add tags and notes

Add categories & tags to Influencers to handle your database. Track manual activities by adding notes. Add any personal data and information about the Influencer you already know such as shipping address, phone number, language and many other available preferences. You will have the possibility to search this data and select the desired target audience for your project.


Once you have your community running you can select the desired group using all available filter possibilities as Age, Gender, Area of Residence, Influencer Area, Social Media Reach (you can even set up intervals for analysis), or any available Tag. You can have a look on your selected group and evaluate its potential on total reach or reach by social media network.


Now just choose the way you want to communicate with the selected group or by individual and start your project. You can use both email or WhatsApp, and track the influencers actions.

Monitor performance

On a given project, you can track each influencer performance. Just set the search settings you want to track on major social media (hastags, mentions or keywords) and we will provide you automatically with all their published posts and results. This way you just have to focus on engaging with them and make the best of the relation.


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